Certified Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

Hi, my name is Melanie Briony and I am a fitness trainer and lifestyle coach with over 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness field.


As a woman in my late 40s, I began to notice how women my age and older were missing from the conversation when it came to their fitness needs. I was also noticing changes in my own body that I couldn't find answers to which was really frustrating considering all the studies I have undertaken over the last decade.


Learning about menopause has been really enlightening, how did I not know this about my own body? That is why I am making it my business to bring this information to you from the best research available. 


Learn how to work with your changing body and needs. Exercise, rest and recover 'like a woman' so that you can get the best out of the effort you are putting in.


Are you fed-up with banging your head against the wall when it comes to your health and fitness? Why not send Melanie Briony a message to find out how she can support you in achieving your health and fitness goals. 

Meet Melanie

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My Vision

My vision is to see midlife women step into their true power as they transition through this very important time in their life. I want to see women's hormonal health spoken about more freely and for women to receive the support and care that they need without fuss or judgment. I am making it my business to open the conversation around menopause and how we in the fitness industry can support women at this time in their life. This is not a time for us to disappear into the foliage, this is a time for us to stand boldly together, supporting one another to grow strong!