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Women's Fitness Newcastle

designed with the midlife woman in mind


Melanie Briony

Certified Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Group Fitness, Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching all designed with the 'midlife' woman in mind.


You may be in your late 30's and starting to feel like the fitness plan you have been following no longer suits your changing needs and you are looking for a more holistic approach. 


Maybe your 40's are in full swing and things are happening with your body that have never happened before. Weight gain around your waist, mood swings and sleepless nights. The ways you used to lose weight in the past feel too restrictive and you just can't do all that running anymore 


You may be post-menopause and wanting to understand how to build your strength and fitness without the 'go hard or go home' attitude that you find in a lot of fitness programs. There is a good chance that you recognise how essential it is to maintain your strength so you know that stopping is just not an option. 

If any of these scenarios sound like you, then you have come to the right place. My name is Melanie Briony and I understand what you are going through! I love working with women who are ready to embrace a different way of approaching their health and fitness that is more in alignment with what their female body needs.


Perimenopause and menopause hormone changes mean that things are just not the same as they used to be. I understand your changing body and work with you to bring about the changes you are wanting to achieve that support you and where you are at at this time in your life.




I first met Mel not long after Covid hit. I am mum of two who wanted to see a personal trainer so that I could begin to get back into shape. Thanks to Mel's specifically tailored sessions catered to my fitness level, I have been able to build up my fitness levels again and tone my body. Mel is very professional and she provides extensive knowledge of the correct foundation of strength training exercises, which has therefore helped me broaden my body awareness for when I do sessions on my own at home. She is also very versatile, creating sessions based on the equipment that I have at home so as to not break my budget. I highly recommend Mel to anyone who really wants to make

a change!



Mel has been an outstanding trainer. I am much stronger since training with her, and she has inspired me to get moving throughout the rest of the week in-between sessions. She is really great at communicating how to engage the right muscles. If I can't feel it in the right place, she's quickly able to explain it another way. Mel spends each session checking my form, and then each week increases the intensity. Sessions are varied, but each is really well structured. She is able to accurately judge how much my body can take and pushes me to a comfortable challenge. Highly recommend!



I have always enjoyed keeping fit and have tried many different gyms and forms of exercise. However I have never been as fit and strong as when I was training with Mel. She is incredibly knowledgeable and qualified in regards to diet/health, strength and cardio training. Mel is patient, caring and non judgemental in her approach to training. She magically empowers you to believe in your physical ability and to build strength and fitness you never thought possible. Mel uses tailored techniques that are proven to increase fitness/strength and wellbeing. Mel quite literally changed my life, through showing me that I was much stronger than I ever imagined.



I really enjoyed my time training with Mel. Mel made exercising worthwhile by making sure all the exercises worked in alliance with your body to avoid injury. Mel also took the time to discuss nutrition and help with developing a good mind set around putting your health as a priority. Mel is friendly, understanding and knows what strategies can work for your body type. I have not found another trainer with the passion Mel shows to get you to the place you need to be in terms of health goals. I wish Mel was going to be working local to me again. I would sign up straight away!



I had the good fortune to attend Mel Hawksley’s group fitness a few years ago. I must admit I have never had a fitness trainer to her calibre since. She was passionate about her students fitness and had great knowledge of physiology. She would check in with each person at the start of any classes & would always adjust accordingly. She never used the ‘one size fits all’ model that many others do. Her classes were tough but fun & she was always creative with our activities, mixing them up with great variety. She consistently tested & tracked our levels to ensure we were improving. Also my husband had rather chronic back issues & is yet to find a masseuse of Me’s capability-we both miss her!



Mel is great! She tailors the program to suit your fitness level, she is professional and committed to her clients to get the results you want. She is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.