Certified Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

Over a lifetime a woman's body goes through many changes both physically and hormonally. The types of exercise that worked for us in our twenties and early thirties may no longer be suitable for us in our late 30s, our forties, fifties and beyond. It is important for us to keep fit, stay strong and maintain a healthy weight, but it doesn't need to be an uphill battle to achieve these things.

As we head into 'mid-life' it becomes essential for women to develop and implement a well planned 'self-care' strategy that will support their hormones as they head towards, into and through the other side of menopause. 

Hormone imbalance is more common than we realise and many women will be treated for depression when in fact strategies to address hormone imbalance would be far more appropriate. By developing a well-planned self-care' strategy, women can support their hormones more effectively leading to better health outcomes now and in the future. 

Ever since I started lifting weights, I have really valued the power of strength training for women. Many women fear that they will gain too much muscle bulk without understanding how much hard work and dedication it takes to do so. I love to teach women how to build strength and benefit from all the positives that are gained by retaining lean muscle mass as we age.

I help you to build a self-care and exercise plan that will see you grow stronger and more confident in your body, while at the same time supporting all the areas of your life that feed into hormone imbalance and weight gain. This is an approach that is unique to you and your daily needs that you can access and use every day for the rest of your amazing life! Come and join me!

My Vision

My vision is to see 'mid-life' women step into their true power as they transition through this very important time in their life. I want to see women's hormonal health spoken about more freely and for women to receive the support and care that they need without fuss or judgement. I am making it my business to open the conversation around menopause and how we in the fitness industry can support women at this time in their life. This is not a time for us to disappear into the foliage, this is a time for us to stand boldly together, supporting one another to grow strong!

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