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Thriving Menopause Toolkit

The peri and post-menopause years can be really confusing and frustrating for a lot of women. A lack of coherent information and conflicting advice can leave so many women feeling lost and out of control of their health, fitness and waistline. 


If you are feeling dazed and confused about the best strategies for you at this stage in your life, I am here to provide you with simple and clear guidelines. 


I have studied hard to bring you the best and most up to date information that will help you to thrive during perimenopause, through menopause and into your post-menopause years. 


I will help you to get back on track with your health and fitness armed with science-backed information and how to apply this information to your own life. Together we unpack what is and is not working for you, then we put it all back together in a way that you understand and can begin to implement straight away. 


No more guessing what you need to do to look and feel your best. You will go away with new knowledge and ideas that can help and support you to thrive through the peri and post-menopause years.

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What's In The Coaching Program?

12 Week Coaching Program

Initial 30 Minute Strategy Call

This is the initial call where I get to learn about you.


  • I will find out what you are doing now.

  • What you want to change.

  • What you are wanting to achieve.

  • Why this change is important to you.

  • What is happening in your life.


Creating A Plan:

What things need to change, why and how to change them.


  • Strategies for bringing about change

  • Simple steps you can take today

  • What you need to do, why it is important, and what you can expect.


What do you get?

Ongoing support and guidance to make positive change.


  • Lifestyle tips that will support you to look and feel your best.

  • Info about practitioners that you may benefit from seeing in conjunction with lifestyle changes.

  • A new way to look at diet and lifestyle changes that will support you long-term.

  • Access to me via email.



Weekly follow-up calls


  • A 30-minute follow-up calls each week after the initial chat.

  • Additional follow-up chats can be arranged if needed and are charged at an hourly rate.

Your Thriving Menopause Toolkit - Coaching Package

$1249 AUD

Is This Program Right For Me?

  • Are you female, over 40ish, and finding that your body no longer responds to the diet and exercise programs you used to follow in the past?

  • Have you gained more weight than ever and don't understand why?

  • Are you tired, sluggish, and unmotivated but know you need to exercise for the sake of your physical and mental health?

  • Are you fed-up with chasing your tail?

When I hit my 40s, I knew a little bit about perimenopause, but not anywhere near as much as I should have considering I am a woman who will eventually go through menopause if I am alive long enough. I know I am not alone either.

You may have started noticing changes in:

  • Your skin texture

  • Your gut function

  • Your energy levels

  • How you respond to alcohol

  • How much easier it is to gain weight

  • How much harder it is to lose weight

Did it occur to you that these changes are likely connected to your changing hormone levels?

It didn't occur to me either until I started to learn how hormone changes impact every system in our body. 

You may also have noticed:

  • Sore feet and niggly joint pain

  • More soreness after exercise

  • Fat where there used to be muscle

  • Poor sleep quality and duration

  • Less tolerance to stress

All in all, your body is experiencing huge changes and you need to make sense of these changes if you are going to feel and function at your best going forward.

This is where I come in.

I help you become aware of the areas in your life that you can take control of, so that you feel more able to manage your body weight, your energy levels, and your mood. Rather than continuing to struggle, you will begin to thrive and use these skills to support you for the rest of your amazing life. Want to know more? Why not send me a message. I look forward to supporting you as you head into the best years of your life.