I Am Responsible For Me!

2018- 2019 were awful years for my fitness and strength.

After 10 years as a massage therapist, I was struggling with debilitating fatigue and ongoing pain and problems in my neck and one of my shoulders. To be honest, I was starting to feel old and this really bothered me at the age of just 46.

I had read about perimenopause back then, I understood the health implications of missing ovulation and the moods associated with estrogen dominance, but I didn't realise that my fatigue could be connected to perimenopause too.

When I talk about fatigue, I am not just talking about being a little bit tired. I am talking about feeling tired to the bone with no explanation through blood tests for why this should be. One doctor even told me that I just needed to sleep more! Something that is really hard to do when you need sleep the most.

You are at the perfect age for these hormonal changes to be occurring, wouldn't it make sense for your GP to ask about them?

Eventually, I quit massaging, I just couldn't put my body through the strain any longer. I quit a major part of my career because not one single doctor is talking about perimenopause to women in their 40s.

Think about that for a moment....... If you are a woman 40+ and you are going to your doctor about complaints they have no solution for, why are they not asking about your symptoms in the context of perimenopause? You are at the perfect age for these hormonal changes to be occurring, wouldn't it make sense for your GP to ask about this?

I decided to learn more about low progesterone levels, which can occur due to high levels of stress but are also a normal part of perimenopause. Through my learning and with the help of a naturopath, I began taking herbs including Vitex (the chaste berry), to help my body out and give it some support. With the help of this herb, I was able to bring some regularity back to my menstrual cycle making it 28 days again instead of 24.

In addition to other herbs which I will discuss in another post, I had to face up to how I manage stress. This is an ongoing process because by nature I am flighty and highly strung. Stress is a major factor for women when it comes to their hormonal health, so stress management needs to be part of the lifestyle change solution.

The time and effort is worth it, YOU are worth it!

What I am trying to impart with you here is that women NEED to advocate for themselves. This means taking the time to learn about perimenopause and menopause symptoms so that you can arm yourself with good information if you do need to visit your GP. This is my intention with what I share here. ALL women NEED to know this stuff, otherwise, you are just burying your head in the sand, and accepting feeling crappy all the time when this is the time in your life when things can be really amazing!

YOU are responsible for YOU! Your doctor's appointment is just 10-15 minutes of your entire day. The rest of your time is an opportunity for you to learn about what is going on in your body. If you know the ins and outs of The Batchelor, that time could be better spent learning about the ins and outs of your own body. The time and effort is worth it, YOU are worth it!


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Mel x

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