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Updated: May 25, 2021

The Female Genitourinary System

Anyone would think that perimenopause and post-menopause symptoms were limited to 'hot flushes'. If only this was the case (I know they can be awful so not a laughing matter).

The thing is, lowering levels of estrogen also impacts our Genitourinary System and that includes our urethra and bladder.

Because perimenopause can start as early as our late 30s, this is something we need to talk about, because perimenopause is the beginning of hormonal changes in women and can last for several years.

Back to your bladder and urethra.

As women lose estrogen during the peri and post-menopause years, we can begin to experience irritation in our bladder and urethra. In addition, previously undetected issues with our pelvic floor can also appear out of the blue.

Estrogen plumps up the cells of the urethra and bladder, making it harder for bacteria to enter and wreak havoc. In addition to the loss of plumpness in the cells in this area, we also begin to lose suppleness in the tissues in this whole region of the female body. I am sure you will have heard about vaginal dryness? This occurs for the same reason, loss of estrogen and its plumping effect on these cells.

I will discuss this further in other posts, but I wanted to talk about it today because too many women are struggling and don't know why. Because most doctors know very little to nothing about menopause, you may not get the support and advice that you really need.

If you are struggling with bladder irritation that has not been diagnosed as anything more worrying, it could be time for you to visit a doctor who has specialised in menopause and women's health. In many cases, topical estrogen gel can really help to restore lost estrogen in the urethra and vagina bringing much-needed relief to many women. It is also worth seeing a female pelvic floor physiotherapist so that they can assess if you have pelvic floor weakness or tightness, two other common contributors to urinary incontinence.

Perimenopause can present women with many health challenges that need help from professionals who are experienced in dealing with women's health and women's hormones. I will create a list of common menopause symptoms in another post.


The more we know about perimenopause and menopause, the more we can search out and demand the care we deserve. Together we are stronger.

Mel x

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