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  • That time before menopause where all the hard shit happens!

  • This is the time in life when the majority of hormone changes occur and is often the worst time for so many women.

  • Perimenopause generally starts in your 40s but can begin in your mid-30s too.

  • Taking care of yourself can definitely improve how well you manage the perimenopause hormonal changes but nothing that you do can stop these changes from happening (stop believing influencers peddling BS).

  • This is the time in your life to get your shit together and make self-care a priority.

  • This is time to ask for help if your hormones are making your life a depressed and anxious mess.

  • Some women breeze through perimenopause, some have a terrible time.

  • Educating yourself about what can happen will keep you ahead of the game.

  • HRT is not a swearword and could mean the difference between your sanity and misery. Saying that though, if you think it will make up for all of your poor lifestyle choices then you need to learn a lot more.

  • Not all doctors learn about perimenopause symptoms & treatment, this means that you need to choose your GP wisely after conducting some research into their specialty area.

Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash

Look after yourself as if you were your own daughter. Your family and friends love you but you need to take care of yourself and empower yourself so that you show the women in your life what blossoming at midlife looks like. It may not be the easiest time you have lived through, It may not be the easiest time you have lived through, but you can become a wiser and stronger version of yourself as a result & share this strength and knowledge with the women around you.

Together we can end the dreadful garbage that is sold to us as 'getting old'. I say F*** that S***. You are beautiful, amazing, strong & powerful and this time can be the best time in your life. Love yourself as if there is no tomorrow x

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