HRT - How Much Do You Know?

I always thought that HRT was about denying the inevitable, women trying to stay young as they aged and a whole lot of other misinformed garbage. How disgraceful is it that I could firstly be so dismissive of such a big change in a woman's life and secondly be so poorly educated on a topic that would impact me later in life.

I think to this day that these attitudes remain. Taking HRT is often seen as a woman wanting to deny the ageing process or a sign of weakness, instead of what it really is, women taking extremely powerful medicine that they really need to feel well.

If you suffer with migraine there is pain medication and a specialist to visit if needed. If you have depression there is medication and mental health professionals to turn to. But if you are experiencing severe and debilitating menopause, apparently you should just suck it up and face up to the fact that you are getting older! Why do women feel this way? We know that menopause is not a disease, but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't take medication to ease our suffering or improve our health outcomes.

It is absolutely true that many women would greatly benefit from looking after themselves better. Midlife often brings weight gain, sleepless nights, mood swings and numerous other delightful horror complaints. It's unlikely that your doctor will ask you how well you are sleeping, how much stress you are under, how much alcohol you drink or how often you exercise. But it's well known that all of these factors play a role in hormonal, physical and mental health. Self care is a powerful tool when dealing when perimenopause and menopause changes. It will serve you well to educate yourself in the area of self care and stress management or reach out to a practitioner who specialises in women's health and wellness for additional support.

Every woman has a completely unique and individual experience with menopause and how it impacts their body.

Going back to HRT, I thought I would share what I have learned and why I believe in the use of HRT as a supportive therapy for women who need it. Let me just say that I am not a health care professional and my perspective is not designed to replace the advice of your health care team. What I am is a 49 year old female fitness trainer that works with women who are heading towards, going through and beyond menopause. I help these women to get stronger, to feel empowered & in charge of their own body. Exercise is a powerful tool which supports and builds us up as we age and every woman needs it!

One of the most important things I have learned about menopause is this:

Every woman has a completely unique and individual experience with menopause and how it impacts their body. This is really important to remember when judging other women and/or when comparing yourself to others. Just because your mother or your best friend breezed through menopause, doesn't mean that your experience is any less valid. Genetics, lifestyle, personal circumstances, other health conditions, stress levels and mental health amongst other things, all have an impact on how a woman will manage throughout menopause and beyond.

HRT is not the only answer for menopause but it is one that you may wish to consider with the support and guidance of your healthcare practitioner.

HRT can be a game changer for some women but is totally unsuitable for others. Some women want to consider HRT but others do not. Knowing all of your options is important so that you can make educated choices when it comes to your health.

HRT is not the only way to manage hormone changes at midlife, it is one more tool in the arsenal that a woman can explore if she needs it.

Choosing to take HRT is not a sign or weakness or a way of denying the natural process of life. HRT has been shown to lower the risk of bone fractures, reduce the risk of dementia and lower the risk of heart disease in women. These are considerable health risks which women face as they age that can be lowered with the use of HRT in conjunction with positive lifestyle changes like regular exercise and managing body weight.

Women need choices, support, truth and open dialogue not shame, fear and misinformation. Your experience is unique to you and mine to me, let's support one another in the choices that we make and empower all women so that they have as many choices available to them as they need at this powerful and challenging time in life.

HRT is not the only answer for menopause but it is one that you may wish to consider with the support and guidance of your healthcare practitioner.

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Melanie Briony is a fitness and lifestyle coach who supports midlife women (over 35) as they move into the peri and post-menopause years. This is a huge time of change for a woman, nothing is as it used to be. The restrictive diets and hard exercise regimes that worked in your 30s just won’t cut it anymore. Melanie is here to show you how your changing hormones are impacting on your body and what you can do to take back the reins and bring about positive change. At midlife, a woman has to learn how to work ‘with’ her body. This includes - managing stress, eating the right foods at the right time, sleeping longer, saying no more often and taking back her power. “You are not about to disappear into the mist of old age, you have the strength and courage to move through this transition and come out the other side as a stronger and wiser version of you”. Contact Melanie to find out more about how she can support you.

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