Paleo, Keto, High Fat??????

If you are struggling with a paleo or keto diet, there is a good chance it is not right for you!

This is my lunch today. Tuna, boiled egg, avo, tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Halfway through my lunch today, I decided I should post about a conversation I had earlier with a lovely friend of mine about Paleo, Keto and other low carb, high-fat diet methodologies. Typically, I feel better when I eat a diet that is higher in fats and a modest amount of protein. I feel full for longer, have fewer cravings and can manage my weight well when eating this way. Now I don't always eat this high fat and low carb, but it definitely works better for me in general. The Keto diet and Paleo diet are both ways of eating that are lower in carbs and higher in fat. Both of these 'methods' have raving followers and a great level of success for many people when it comes to weight-loss. The thing is, these types of diets do not work for everyone and it is important to realise this if you are struggling with Paleo, Keto or similar and not seeing the results you desire. A 'one size fits all approach' is not the answer when it comes to weight-loss and our wellness, so if something is not working for you, stop, learn more and try something different.

If you would like to have a chat with me about what diets you have been following and how they are working (or not) for you, then join me and other women for my soon to be announced Coffee and Chat events. Leave me comments below if you would like to add to this conversation Melanie Briony x


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