Protein, Are You Getting Enough?

Looking for a way to get a bit more protein at breakfast or something yummy to get you through the afternoon slump?

Most women are not consuming enough protein on a day to day basis. This can lead to a loss of much needed muscle mass, sugar cravings in the afternoon and feeling hungry after eating.

In the afternoon I love a delicious chocolate protein shake like this one. It gives me something sweet and nutritious while also providing me with some protein. You could add some baby spinach or frozen cauliflower to the recipe for an extra serve of veggies too!

Choose a protein supplement that suits your dietary needs and give this a try. I am interested to hear if it helps you to get through your afternoon slump.

Protein supplements like whey should be used as a 'supplement' to your already nutritious diet not a replacement for real food. This being said, protein powders can really assist when wanting to increase your total protein intake for the day.

N.B. Indicated calories and macros are an estimate only. Individual protein supplements will have their own unique macro profile. Protein and calorie recommendations on this site are not designed to replace the advice of a qualified nutritionist or dietitian.

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My vision is to see midlife women step into their true power as they transition through this very important time in their life. I want to see women's hormonal health spoken about more freely and for women to receive the support and care that they need without fuss or judgement. I am making it my business to open the conversation around menopause and how we in the fitness industry can support women at this time in their life. This is not a time for us to disappear into the foliage, this is a time for us to stand boldly together, supporting one another to grow strong!

Melanie Briony x

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