Running Man Exercise

Build strength and balance in one simple exercise.

In this video I am showing you a really simple exercise often referred to as the 'running man'. Don't let the simplicity of this exercise deceive you, it is a powerful tool for building and maintaining strength and balance throughout our life but especially as we hit midlife and beyond.


Try this without shoes so that you can really feel your feet connecting with the ground. You want your big toe, little toe and heel on the planted foot, connected with the ground throughout the movement. This is going to build strength in your feet, your lower legs, your upper legs and your butt muscles.

Look at how I am using my arms in the same way as you would when sprinting. Opposite arm and leg working in unison. This can take a bit of practice so be patient with yourself.

To begin with, you may want to be close to a pole or wall to build up your confidence. The back of your couch is also a good option to hold onto.

What else can you feel working? Do you notice your abdominal muscles working with your legs and arms?

If you need more help with this exercise, send me a message, I am more than happy to help!

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Melanie Briony is a fitness and lifestyle coach who supports midlife women (over 40) as they move into the peri and post-menopause years. This is a huge time of change for a woman, nothing is as it used to be. The restrictive diets and hard exercise regimes that worked in your 30s just won’t cut it anymore. Melanie is here to show you how your changing hormones are impacting on your body and what you can do to take back the reins and bring about positive change. At midlife, a woman has to learn how to work ‘with’ her body. This includes - managing stress, eating the right foods at the right time, sleeping longer, saying no more often and taking back her power. “You are not about to disappear into the mist of old age, you have the strength and courage to move through this transition and come out the other side as a stronger and wiser version of you”. Contact Melanie to find out more about how she can support you.

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