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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The other day I was chatting with a lady about the changes that come about during perimenopause and post-menopause. During this conversation, the lady who was herself post-menopause, mentioned that after menopause you have to deal with "losing your looks".

I pondered over this for a while, part of me thought "this is obvious", because we are getting older, but part of me was angry too, not because I was going to "lose my looks", but because women are constantly reminded that they no longer have value unless they 'look' a certain way.

This comment prompted me to write a list of some of the things that women DO need to worry about losing that are far more important than their 'looks'.

  1. Bone health. Women can lose up to 1/3 of their bone density in the first 5 years post-menopause. This means an increased risk of falls and fractures which can be avoided with the right types of exercise.

  2. Mental health. As we lose estrogen in the perimenopause and post-menopause years, women lose a major source of 'brain energy' and our mental health can suffer greatly as a result.

  3. Muscle mass. Women and men lose muscle mass as they age, but for women, this can occur at a much faster rate due to women losing estrogen and testosterone at a rapid rate. Low muscle mass leads to body weakness, an increased risk of falls and an increased risk of insulin resistance with all of its associated health implications.

  4. Self-confidence. As a woman's hormones diminish, women often find that they have less confidence in themselves and their bodies. This is a very real issue as many women are at the top of their game when menopause hits. Menopause can severely impact a woman's ability to confidently pursue the things that she loves to do including her career.

  5. Ability to get a job. For women who have been out of the workforce looking after family, returning to the workplace after menopause can be really daunting. Ageism is very real and it is far more concerning than losing our 'looks'.

  6. Sexual pleasure. You will have heard how women shrivel up and dry out at menopause, but the truth is, women are suffering and this is no joking matter. A healthy sex life is important throughout our lives and women should not feel shame when things change in this department. Reach out and talk to your doctor, there is a lot that can be done to support you and improve the quality of your sex life.

"You are SO MUCH MORE valuable than what is looking back at you in the mirror".

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These are just some of the things that women need to be thinking about that are far more important to consider than losing their looks at midlife. This doesn't mean women can't spend time taking care of their skin and their nails and wearing nice clothes, not at all.

What it does remind us is - we are so much more than what our body looks like on the outside. We have a body that carries us through this life and that body depends on us valuing every aspect of its form and function. There is so much a woman can do to take care of herself as her hormones change, that will build her up and keep her strong inside and out.

Middle finger up to the system that holds us back from really taking care of ourselves and pushes us down into a tiny little box that is solely focused on how we look.

Empower yourself and kick that box in the corner. You deserve a strong and capable body with or without wrinkles, with or without good looks. You are SO MUCH MORE valuable than what is looking back at you in the mirror.

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Melanie Briony is a fitness and lifestyle coach who supports midlife women (over 40) as they move into the peri and post-menopause years. This is a huge time of change for a woman, nothing is as it used to be. The restrictive diets and hard exercise regimes that worked in your 30s just won’t cut it anymore. Melanie is here to show you how your changing hormones are impacting on your body and what you can do to take back the reins and bring about positive change. At midlife, a woman has to learn how to work ‘with’ her body. This includes - managing stress, eating the right foods at the right time, sleeping longer, saying 'no' more often and taking back her power. “You are not about to disappear into the mist of old age, you have the strength and courage to move through this transition and come out the other side as a stronger and wiser version of you”. Contact Melanie to find out more about how she can support you.

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