Should I Stop Training When Injured?

Often the first reaction to a strain or sprain is to stop exercising, but is this really the best way to manage an injury?

This post is about general sprains and strains, not injuries that require medical attention. Those kinds of injuries need medical attention first and a thorough evaluation before commencing exercise again.

If you are active, there is a good chance at some point or other you will sustain an injury of some kind. This could be an acute sprain or strain or an overuse injury as a result of the sport or exercise you participate in.

As we get older, it can be a lot more daunting when we hurt ourselves and this can often lead to people stopping exercise altogether in an attempt to avoid further pain. The thing is, exercise becomes even more important the older we get, so stopping is just not a viable option.

Let me make this clear, I am not suggesting you continue running on a sprained ankle or boxing with intense shoulder pain. What I am saying is that it is really important to see a physical health specialist such as a sports physiotherapist who is going to get you moving straight away to regain movement and strength in a measures way so that you do not have to stop doing the things that you love.

If you are injured right now and it is stopping you from moving for fear of hurting yourself more, reach out to a sports physiotherapist and learn what you can do to build strength back into your body so that you can keep going and decrease the likelihood of further injury in the future.

If you need an excellent sports physio in Newcastle, NSW, I can highly recommend Simon from Kinetic Sports Physiotherapy, who is keeping me moving despite inner knee bursitis.

Stopping is just not an option, so reach out and get the help that you need to keep on moving.

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