Strong Bones Are The New Black!

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Beach body?

Screw That!


are the New Black!

If you are a woman and you aren't thinking about your bones and your future bone health, you are missing a really important piece of your health and longevity puzzle.

Bones continue to strengthen until roughly 30 years of age, from that point onwards, the ageing process begins, and slowly but surely bone density declines over time.

Bones do not stay strong on their own. A healthy diet and regular weight-bearing exercise are essential for maintaining bone density.

In addition to the 'normal' ageing process experienced by all human beings, females need to pay special attention to their bone health due to diminishing estrogen levels at menopause. Estrogen plays a fundamentally important role in bone density, less estrogen = more rapidly declining bone density.


  1. Eat a healthy, nutrient dense diet

  2. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol

  3. Chat to your doctor about bone health

  4. Have your vitamin D levels checked and supplement as indicated

  5. Strength training 2-3 x per week

  6. Jumping, dancing, running

Don’t wait until you are already showing signs of bone loss. Get onto it now, start as soon as possible and make the necessary nutrition and lifestyle changes that will reduce your risk of bone loss and ensure a greater quality of life later in life.

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The human body has an amazing capacity to heal and thrive, but sometimes we need a little extra help. If you are doing everything you can to take care of yourself and your body still feels out of whack, reach out to your health care professional for support and guidance. As our hormones change at midlife, we are being asked to take even better care of ourselves, but we don't have to suffer through challenging hormonal changes alone. There is help out there in the form of menopause-trained doctors who have the skills and knowledge to give you the help that you need. You deserve to feel good so don't fall into the trap of feeling like this is your lot. Please reach out for the help and support that you need. If you want to chat with me about relevant practitioners in Newcastle or online, please send me a message.

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