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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Why follow a strength training program?

Build A Strong Healthy Body & Mind

Strength training (resistance training) is such a fundamentally important component of any fitness program. The reason I say this is because of the myriad of health benefits it offers to men and women of all ages. Exercise, in general, is known for its ability to improve mood, reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease and improve health outcomes for many other diseases. Strength/resistance training offers even more health benefits such as.....

- Increasing lean muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolic rate and makes it easier to lose excess body-fat and keep it off.

- Increased bone density which can protect you from and even reverse osteoporosis.

- Better strength for everyday activities as we age.

- Improve hormone balance by naturally elevating testosterone levels.

- Improves coordination and balance.

- Boosts energy levels and mood.

Resistance training is known to elevate testosterone levels which improves our ability to build lean muscle mass. But just as important as building lean muscle mass, is our need for testosterone to help us feel good. Although women only have low levels of testosterone compared to men, insufficient testosterone in women can show up as:

- A loss of sex drive

- Decrease in or difficulty gaining muscle mass

- Depression

- Chronic fatigue

- Achy joints

- Decrease in bone density

So you can see how important testosterone is to the female body.

When commencing a strength/resistance training program, it is important to work at your own level and build your strength slowly and progressively over time. It is not necessary to lift heavy weights to see results from a strength training program. Strength/resistance training can be performed using your own body weight, or equipment such as resistance bands, sand bags or even your steps at home.

Want to learn how to build strength in a way that is safe for you? Find yourself a reputable fitness trainer and you will be on your way to building a stronger, leaner and more functional body in no time.

Send me a message to learn about At Home Strength Training. I come to you at your home location and teach you how to build strength, balance your hormones and lose weight naturally.

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